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Wilhelm Reich showed that Orgone energy is a primary energy of cosmic origin. It occurs naturally in all, more or less quantity and can be shown visually and thermally by means of a Geiger-Mueller. However, due to ongoing activity of modern technology, networks transmitters electromagnetic waves, radio waves, wireless transmitters (computers, mobile phones), power lines, electronic devices of all types, circuits and electrical outlets, microwave ovens, networks geobiological this essential for maintaining energy balance, the health of all humans and the ecosystem becomes increasingly polluted and distorted.

The neutral energy is pure origin. But because of the points mentioned above is greatly altered in quantity and quality.

Karl Hans Welz invented the Orgone Generator in the 1980s, he took over and developed the work of W. Reich on orgone and its batteries, and, developed the Orgonite, a material which is an alloy of metals with particularly strong capacity of attraction and repulsion in combination with a specific type of polymer, and other materials kept secret for now. After multiple tests, experiments, it was found that this group of substances found to be by far the most effective for the accumulation of Orgone.

Don Croft has intuitively grasped the potential of this innovation and has combined with knowledge of "cloud-buster 'W. Reich to create its" cloud-buster "or" chem-buster "-based innovator of orgone and several other similar devices.

Every electrical appliance, electronics emits electromagnetic waves carry DOR ((negative orgone) unhealthy (edf counter, telephone, microwave, computer, wifi, cars) it is the same for all shares or negative thoughts (evil, lies, racism, ect ...)

According to Wikipedia:

The orgonite invention is a pseudo-scientific made of a mixture of metals and materials based on carbon (the "matrix") and contains most time of mineral crystals or and sometimes other additives. Orgonite was originally invented by Karl Welz and improved Don Croft, all of which are based on earlier work of Wilhelm Reich . The orgone is used as part of alternative medicine qualified pseudo-science by the scientific community.
Compared with the manufacturing of Wilhelm Reich, made of alternating metal and organic layers, which were accumulators of orgone , orgonite would convert the property into the orgone orgone negative positive.
There are different types of orgone according to their supposed use.

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Components [edit ]

  • matrix often made of polyester resin or epoxy resin . Sometimes caramelized sugar is used. It is important that the matrix contains long chains of carbon
  • metals such as copper , the aluminum the iron, the brass the bronze the titanium or sometimes even the gold or the money ;
  • minerals: any What mineral can be added in the orgone. However, the transparent quartz is the mineral basis of most used. Other stones may be added. Among them: amethyst, rose quartz, garnet , hematite, pyrite and many others;
  • other additives such as copper coils of different shapes are often added in the hope to increase the power of the orgone, and may also be that the "energy-charged water" be added to the mixture.

objects in orgonite [Edit ]

There are a series of articles orgonite such as chembuster the Zapper the towerbuster the Holy Handgrenades the ball dolphin, the Powerwand , earth pipe, peace pipe . There are also pendants or decorative objects made of orgone.
The power of an object depend orgonite:
  • volume
  • proportion matrix / metal (the ideal being considered by the promoters of these items at 50%)
  • materials used
  • concentration positive the person who creates it.
These objects are not considered real effects by critics of the theory of orgone and could even be treated as fraud.

Towerbuster (TB) [edit ]

orgonite The object is the easiest towerbuster . It is generally 90g to 120g, contains a small piece of quartz and pieces (small pieces) or aluminum or other metals. It is often cast in a small cardboard container, metal, glass or plastic (if the plastic is resistant to the resin used). Sometimes it is poured into molds called cupcake muffin . The supposed ability of a towerbuster is limited but generally sufficient for a single issuer. Its developers say its reach 250m or 400m in open terrain.

Holy Handgrenades (or HHG) [edit ]

A Holy Handgrenades is often poured into a conical container (glass, cardboard cone, etc.).. It contains five quartz crystals Bi-ended (with a spike at each end). One of the crystals, the largest, is placed vertically below the tip. The other four are cross into the base. Metals are often used aluminum, but something personal that we keep at home, where the copper alloys are more popular. Additions in very small amounts of gold or silver are common in personal items. With regard to other minerals, it is common to add stones to "anchor" as the hematite or pyrite . Most spiritual stones are also added specifically for personal items such as rose quartz, aventurine , amethyst, peridot , garnet. Its proponents say the radius of action of a HHG than 500m even reach more than 2km.

likely effects of the orgone [edit ]

There is a whole series of effects that would orgonite on the environment and people. For more information on the theory of Orgone, Orgone see . Among the effects:
  • Orgonite transform orgone negative that would be emitted by many electronics in POR. Thus the orgone would positively influence environment.
  • Orgonite could help plant growth, reduce water requirements
  • Orgonite could form small ice stalagmites (where pure water freezes near orgonite)
  • Orgonite purify air, water and detoxify would end the drought
  • Orgonite soften the effects of dangerous radio
  • Orgonite inspire good behavior and a happier mood and balanced.
  • Orgonite help in cases of chronic insomnia and nightmares, would sleep more restful
  • Orgonite help awaken your innate psychic gifts
According to proponents

[edit ]

people would feel extremely sensitive an energy field around objects in orgone, similar to a and will have the impression that the orgone amplifies the properties of stones contained. Quartz play a role primarily amp.

According to critics [edit ]

No demonstration has been made of any efficiency-based objects orgonite for any effect whatsoever. No theoretical study suggests that no scientific phenomena and described may exist. It is a pseudo-science .
other hand, many proponents of these techniques have been linked to account for their activity in the courts, particularly the inventor of the orgone theory itself, Wilhelm Reich .


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